What is the best age to start visiting Naples?

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So, if you are sitting up in Canada freezing through another Canadian Winter and wondering when you will be able to make the annual trek to paradise, don’t worry, you are not alone.

It all depends on your financial situation and of course your health. Some people are lucky House in Naples Floridaenough to retire at 50 or 55 with company pensions and enough savings to start at a young age. Others have to slave away at a job until they are 65 so that they are eligible for Canada pension and old age security. However, if you start that late in life you will only have a few years before your health becomes a factor in the decision to go south or not.

I would argue that the therapeutic benefits of warm weather and sunshine exceed the fears you may have about navigating large American airports and expensive healthcare when you start to get into your mid seventies. If you stay in Canada for the winter, you really put yourself in danger every time you venture outside because you could fall on the ice and break a bone, and that could cause you pain for the rest of your life. In Florida, you can go for a walk, swim, bike ride, or run any time without worrying about falling or freezing.

Of course there is always the risk of being victimized by crime but that risk exists everywhere else too. The Naples area of Florida has one of the lowest crime rates in Florida with almost 56% less crime than the rest of Florida. If you exercise good judgment and use common sense, you will be at least as safe as you are in Canada.

I guess the best answer to the question of when you should start coming down here, is as soon as possible. With today’s technology it is easy to keep in touch with people back home. You can use Skype, Google hangouts, or Facetime on your Iphone to video chat with your grand kids or even do a little bit of business if you still like to keep involved with work on a part time basis. Many of us often don’t see our family and friends often enough when we are in Canada, so going to Florida may just push you to use technology to keep in touch more than you would have if you were home.

Believe me, life is too short, so get down here as soon as possible and live life to the fullest. Check out the available real estate listings here



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