Weather Guide for Naples

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The weather is always warm in Naples Florida, which is why the locals, as well as visitors to the area, enjoy it immensely. This valuable, natural resource is one of the main reasons why so many sun-worshippers from all over the world flock to the beaches in Florida, year after year.  Following is an overview of what the weather is like in Naples Florida, all through the year.

The sunThe sun

The weather in Naples Florida is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities at any time of the year, but because the ultraviolet rays of the sun are extremely intense in Florida, the constant application of sunscreen is an absolute must. From October to February, UV indexes in the area range from about 5 to 8, but in the spring and summer months, they increase dramatically, to 10 and higher.

Temperatures during the winter months

The weather in Naples Florida is reasonably warm and dry during the winter months, with daytime temperatures reaching on average, 70F to 80F from October until April. January is normally the coolest month, with daytime highs reaching about 75F, and the average lows around 54 degrees F, which is still warm enough for plenty of outdoor activities, including a romantic beach wedding.

Temperatures during the summer months

Summer runs from May to September in Naples Florida, with temperatures ranging from extremely warm, to relatively hot. Temperatures vary from between 83F to 90F during the day, with an average daytime high of about 86F, during July and August, the hottest months of the year.

Maximum temperatures can sometimes reach a scorching 90F to 93F, with 98F being the highest ever recorded temperature for Naples Florida.

Ocean temperature

The year-round warm water around Naples Florida is yet another draw card for tourists. The ocean temperatures reach around 65F to 73F during the winter months, and these temperatures increase significantly to the middle to high 80s at the start of spring, and stay that way for the following few months.


The weather would be perfect in Naples Florida, except for the hurricanes which sometimes occur in the area. To the locals, hurricanes, which vary in intensity, are a way of life, with the majority of them being no more potent than a typical windstorm in other areas of North America. Hurricane season is from about 1 June to 30 November, and the thing that most people find disturbing about them, is the fact that they are so unpredictable.

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