Common Mistakes People Make With Home Inspections

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Once you have spent weeks or possibly months finding your dream home in Naples, you will want to make sure that you are getting a good property before it becomes a firm deal. You absolutely must hire a qualified home inspector to make sure that you won’t have any nasty surprises a few months or even years after you move into the home.

A home inspector will do a thorough evaluation of the entire structure and foundation while taking notes and taking pictures to document any problems he finds. The most important and potentially most expensive parts of the home are the foundation and the roof. If the roof has been leaking for any length of time, there will be evidence of that and possibly a lot of mold growing in the attic. Mold is an problem that can be particularly bad in Florida because we don’t get any winter to speak of, and the air is so humid. The foundation can be extremely expensive to fix whether there is cracking in the concrete, or there are termites eating away at the home.

The inspector will also test the electrical wiring to make sure that it is up to date and meetsMold in florida home the latest building codes. You want to make sure that you are not buying a home that is essentially a fire trap. The same goes for the plumbing, where there could be leaky pipes in the walls which could also allow mold to grow. Getting rid of mold anywhere in the house would be very expensive since you would need to hire a professional remediation company that has the proper equipment and knowledge to make the home livable again. The inspector would also test all the little things like the light and electrical fixtures, appliances, and one of the most important things in south Florida which is the air conditioning.

Once you get your home inspection report, you need to take the time to carefully read the report and ask any questions you may have to the inspector. It you have determined that there are items that need to be fixed before you proceed with the deal, you will need to have your realtor negotiate with the seller’s realtor and come to an agreement on what will be fixed before the possession date by the seller and at the seller’s cost.

Once you have an agreement with the seller, the repairs must be added to the contract to make sure that the items are fixed and completed before you take possession of the home. This is why it is important to use a realtor and real estate lawyer that are working in Naples and know our contracts and procedures. Many people that buy here, are from other places like Canada or the northern states and sometimes assume that everything works the same way here as it does back home.

In this video, the York Real Estate Group discusses these issues surrounding home inspections and the real estate contracts with a local lawyer.



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